02/11/2022 • SEW-EURODRIVE Corporate Film

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SEW-EURODRIVE is about movement, tradition, innovation, quality and service - which we have been able to offer our customers every day in more than 90years. We do not just move countless conveyor belts, bottling plants, gravel pits, assembly lines, processes in the chemical industry, your luggage at the airport or even you on the escalator in motion: No! We move ourselves - we are always in motion! Every day about 600 scientists and development engineers are inventing and optimizing future automation technology. Globally, we have more than 19,000 employees working to solve our tasks and optimize processes. Today SEW-EURODRIVE is in a leading position within automation technology with a turnover of more than 3.3 billion €

The movement you need is produced with various product solutions and transmission units. Depending on requirements and industry, SEW-EURODRIVE can offer individual solutions from the comprehensive modular concept with gear motors and frequency inverters, servomotors, decentralized drive units and industrial gear systems.