Drive solutions for the automotive industry

  • Press shops in the automotive industry

    Press shop

    Efficient drives and intelligent automation solutions increase your productivity.

  • Body shop in the automotive industry

    Body shop

    Integrated drive solutions reduce the complexity of your systems.

  • Paint shops in the automotive industry

    Paint shops

    Seamlessly linked drive technology for a flawless painting process

  • Powertrain in the automotive industry


    Completely integrated modular drive solutions for efficient JIT/JIS production

  • Final assembly in the automotive industry

    Final assembly

    Intelligent automation solutions and efficient drive technology for high throughputs

Networking, high throughputs and safe processes in automobile production

The production workflow in the automotive industry is based on just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) processes. This requires flexible, efficient drive solutions and intelligent automation designs.

Do you use "just-in-time" and "just-in-sequence" production processes? Then you'll know that system downtime can cost a lot. Benefit from our fully integrated drive solutions that have been specifically tailored to your automobile production needs. Intelligent automation seamlessly coordinated with drives and all other system components is absolutely essential to your success.

Be it press shops, body frames, powertrains (motor plants), paint shops or final assembly, our experts are completely familiar with your processes in the automotive industry. They understand that the range of models manufactured is increasing continuously and that throughputs are getting quicker. Faster, safer and increased production while keeping an eye on costs and energy – this is precisely what you get when you choose our integrated drive solutions.

Take a look at our wide portfolio of products and services: Choose any combination and variant imaginable from our range of modular drive components. The predefined, scalable drive solutions of the MAXOLUTION® packages are precisely tailored to your individual applications. And if you want to use drive technology to optimally connect all your complex processes, the individual system solutions from the MAXOLUTION® range are the perfect choice for you.

Process overview for automobile production

In our process overview, we compiled all of the individual steps involved in the final assembly phase of automobile production and displayed as a flowchart.

System reliability

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Automotive industry - Ensuring secure processes during automotive production.

Your processes and our corresponding drive solutions in the automotive industry

Process overview of automobile production 1
Press shops in the automotive industry

Materials in the press shop pass through complex process steps in order to transform steel strips into fully pressed car body components.

Body shops in the automotive industry

The need for automation and safety is particularly strong in body shops due to the need for rigorous quality and precise control.

Paint shops in the automotive industry

For drivers, there is nothing more important than a flawless paint job. which is why there can be no room for error during the painting process.

Powertrains in the automotive industry

A powertrain coordinates the manufacture of a car's core components. Motors, gear units and wheel axles are manufactured and mounted here.

Final assembly in the automotive industry

Car manufacturers must adhere to the high throughput times during final assembly, without compromising on quality.