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Service mechanic with SEW-EURODRIVE clothing and red helmet repairs plant

What does our service Retrofit offer you?

Our service Retrofit excels at meeting your specific requirements. A retrofit may involve both the replacement of individual drive technology components (component retrofit) and also the modernization of entire machines and systems (system retrofit). We regard a retrofit as the technical conversion and replacement of the currently installed drive technology using components from the current SEW product portfolio, taking into account technological progress, the present requirements (customer-specific, normative/legal) and any resulting technical adaptations.

Your Requirements

machine and system availability
serviceability and the availability of spare parts
unscheduled downtimes and stoppages
maintenance costs
with the latest normative and legal requirements
the system's productivity and versatility
process flows

Scalable scope of services

With our service Retrofit we excel at meeting your specific requirements: through the replacement of individual drive technology components (component retrofit) and also the modernization of entire machines and systems (system retrofit).

Our services

  • Analysis of current situation and condition
  • Project planning and design
  • Adaptation engineering of mechanical components
  • Adaptation engineering of control cabinet and electronic components
  • Replacement of drive technology components and peripheral equipment
  • Energy consulting
  • Acceptance inspection

Your benefits

  • Scalable, modular solutions based on customer requirements
  • Reduction of downtimes and production stoppages
  • Plannable conversion measures
  • Availability of spare parts ensured
  • Fast, efficient startup by SEW-EURODRIVE specialists
  • Optimal design, project planning, and parameterization – specifically adapted to the customer’s application
  • Optimization of energy consumption

Our services

Services of component retrofit plus:

  • Project management
  • Adaptation engineering of system and application
  • Control cabinet engineering and production
  • Application programming and automation
  • Safety-related consulting
  • Evaluation of machine safety
  • Replacement of peripheral mechanical equipment for application and machine/system
  • Ground installation and startup of MOVITRANS®

Your benefits

Benefits of component retrofit plus:

  • End-to-end project management
  • Overall coordination and harmonization with other subsections, if necessary
  • Machine safety ensured
  • Dust-free and optimized ground work
  • Installation of any required ground components
  • Optimization of processes, throughput times, and output quantities
  • Optimization of operation, functionality, and ergonomics


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Retrofit: an overview